Therapy: Individual, Couples, and Family Therapy by Skype or Phone


Individual Couples and Family Therapy by Skype

If you wish to begin working with Dr. Sorensen via Skype, the fee is $160.00 for a 45 minute session, or $130 for a 30 minute session. To enroll, make one or more payments for $160 or $130 and then email Dr. Sorensen to let her know what days and times you have available and what time zone you are in. Dr. Sorensen works in Pacific Standard Time. She will email you back (usually the same day), selecting a time that is mutually convenient and giving you the rest of the instructions.
Dr. Sorensen Can Help You to Recover From Your Low Self Esteem, Improve Your Relationships, and Live a More Fulfilling Life.
Are you having difficulty finding a therapist, specialist, or consultant in your area to guide you through recovery from low self esteem?
Would you like the convenience and privacy of doing personal growth work by virtual sessions from your office, your home, or wherever you and your computer are?
Dr. Sorensen has successfully guided people from around the world through virtual sessions using Skype to alter the self-defeating patterns, to correct their negative thinking, to improve communication, to develop assertiveness, to build healthy relationships, and to improve the quality of their lives through virtual sessions and in-person therapy.
She is available to get you started on the road to recovery from the issues that stand in YOUR way.

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